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Swiss Pink Cross - LGBTI+ support (anonymous contact)
Swiss LGBT Helpline - LGBTI+ support (anonymous contact)
Transgender Network Switzerland - Trans support
du-bist-du - Youth LGBTI+ organisation
Milchjugend - Youth LGBTI+ organisation
Fels Eltern - Support group for friends and family

Networks, learning and more
ILGA Europe - umbrella organisation with 600+ members
Z und H - Zürich-based student network
Queer Wallis - LGBTI+ Network in the Wallis region
Zwischenraum - LGBTI+ Christian Network
The Trevor Project - LGBTI+ and religion
Human Rights Campaign - LGBTQ and Faith
All About Trans - Trans resources
LOS - Swiss Lesbian Organisation
Schwulengesicht - History of LGBTI+ Switzerland
Queer Altern - Care and support of the older LGBTI+ community
Pink Cop - LGBTI+ Swiss Police Network
Queer Officers - Promotes diversity in the Swiss Army
Regenbogenfamilien - Organisation for LGBTI+ families 
Gay - LGBTI+ shopping and lifestyle website
Lesbengeschichte - Zürich-based Lesbian organisation
Liebe ist Liebe - petition for LGBTI+ marriage in Switzerland 
Alcoholics Anonymous - Providing support for alcoholics
Narcotics Anonymous - Providing support for drug addicts
Drug Watch - Info on drugs and health risks/practices
Pink News
 - LGBTI+ Online News

Articles and Reports
Article - Homosexualität ist kein Tabu mehr an Schulen
Article - Interpreting the Bible
Report - Coming Home to Catholicism
Report - Valuing All God's Children
Article - Discrimination and Swiss law

LGBTI+ the acronym
L: Lesbian G: Gay B: Bisexual T: Trans I: Intersex 
Queer is also increasingly in popularity

For further information, please get in touch
Gay bars used to be safe spaces for people like us to be 
ourselves and to find others like us. Now everyone just
goes on to Grindr. But what about the 20 year old kid
who's not looking for sex but rather community, for a
connection with something that helps him understand
himself? Or the 60 year old man who's looking for the 
What happens to that shared culture? If being gay only describes who we love and who we f*ck but not also how
we encounter the world, then gay culture and gay 
community would start to disappear. And we still need
that community.
                                                 The Inheritance Play
Most queer people don't come from queer families, so
the only way we can really learn about our shared
history is from talking to the older generations, which
I guess is where the idea of a chosen family comes in.
                                       Attitude Magazine Interviewer
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